Fall…Time To Make a CHANGE?

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I really love fall.  It is the time of new beginnings, back to school, crisper days and shorter ones too.  From everything I know through coaching my clients, Fall appears to be a great time to  really make a change.  I find that there are two seasons when people seem to really focus on change.  Fall and winter or January, with the beginning of New Year Resolutions.
I see two types of change in my work.

THE FIRST   When you want to really do something different.  That could be changing your career, changing your job at your current company, finding a life partner or perhaps developing a healthier lifestyle.

THE SECOND   Change just happens and it takes us way out of our comfort zone.  Perhaps you get fired or laid off, your spouse files for divorce, the kids leave and you suddenly become an empty nester or you are forced into retirement and find your life suddenly lacks purpose.

CHANGE happens.  Sometimes we encourage it, while other times it just appears and we are completely blindsided by it.

Since my own story is full of CHANGE, I know it is one of life challenges that can be really difficult to manage, navigate or just simply get stuck in.

This is what I do.  I manage and help others navigate what I call deep change.  For those seeking change on their own,  I really see myself as a motivator, champion and accountability partner.  I listen to your goals and work with you at your own pace, one step at a time to move toward them.

For those  of you blindsided by change, usually managing it can be a bit more difficult.  I am a great listener with an empathetic heart.  However, I won’t allow you to become stuck in what I call, the going nowhere zone.  Together we will work toward empowerment, and moving forward.  I am a great believer in taking a difficult challenge and learning from it to advance and grow.

If you are in need of a Coaching Partner to work with you in whatever change comes your way, I consider myself a Champion for Change and would love to meet you.

Carla Kerner is a Professional Transitional and Business Coach working to support clients manage and navigate CHANGE through listening beyond what is being said, providing motivation and accountability each step of the way, and for finding discovery of what works authentically for each individual, team, or group.

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